ARID2 3'UTR Lenti-reporter-GFP Vector

Product name : ARID2 3\'UTR Lenti-reporter-GFP Vector

Catalog number : MT-h51109

Supplier : ABM microrna

Price : 1231 EUR

Size : 1 ug

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Classification : AT-rich interaction domain containing

Concept : Scope note: The transfer of bacterial DNA by phages from an infected bacterium to another bacterium. This also refers to the transfer of genes into eukaryotic cells by viruses. This naturally occurring process is routinely employed as a GENE TRANSFER TECHNIQUE.

Discovery year : 2004-01-28

Entrez Gene : AT rich interactive domain 2 (ARID, RFX-like)  (ARID2)  (RFXANK)

Entrez gene record : 196528

Gene : ARID2

Gene ontology - Biological process : positive regulation of transcription from RNA polymerase II promoter negative regulation of cell proliferation heart morphogenesis negative regulation of cell migration embryonic organ development homeostatic process cardiac muscle cell proliferation coronary artery morphogenesis nucleosome disassembly cardiovascular system development

Gene ontology - Cellular component : plasma membrane nucleoplasm transcription factor complex BAF-type complex

Gene ontology - Molecular function : transcription factor binding

Havana BLAST/BLAT : OTTHUMG00000150487

Identity : 18037

InterPro : ARID DNA-binding domain  (HLA-DOA) Zinc finger, C2H2  (ZNF212) Winged helix-turn-helix DNA-binding domain  (HLA-DOA)  (PRKDC) Armadillo-type fold DNA-binding RFX-type winged-helix domain  (HLA-DOA)  (RFXANK)

Locus : 12q12

Long gene name : AT-rich interaction domain 2

Name : Transduction, Genetic

PubMed : zipzap may serve as a transcription co-activator for the regulation of cardiac gene expression a critical role for ARID2-containing complexes in promoting osteoblast differentiation and supports a view that the PBAF subset of SWI/SNF contributes importantly to maintaining cellular identity and activating tissue-specific gene expression.

Qualifiers : classification, economics, history, instrumentation, methods, standards, trends, utilization, veterinary, statistics & numerical data, ethics

RefSeq identity : NM_152641

Synonyms : KIAA1557 DKFZp686G052 FLJ30619 BAF200

Synonyms gene name : AT rich interactive domain 2 (ARID, RFX-like)

Tree numbers : E05.393.350.800