ARID3A Over-expression Lysate reagent

Product name : ARID3A Over-expression Lysate reagent

Catalog number : GWB-2A1B25

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Classification : AT-rich interaction domain containing

Discovery year : 1997-08-22

Entrez Gene : AT rich interactive domain 3A (BRIGHT-like)  (ARID3A)

Entrez gene record : 1820

GenBank acession : U88047

Gene : ARID3A

Gene ontology - Biological process : transcription, DNA-templated regulation of transcription, DNA-templated positive regulation of transcription from RNA polymerase II promoter

Gene ontology - Cellular component : nucleus cytoplasm cytosol nucleoplasm intracellular membrane-bounded organelle membrane raft

Gene ontology - Molecular function : protein binding RNA polymerase II regulatory region sequence-specific DNA binding DNA binding protein homodimerization activity chromatin binding transcription factor activity, sequence-specific DNA binding transcriptional activator activity, RNA polymerase II transcription regulatory region sequence-specific binding

Havana BLAST/BLAT : OTTHUMG00000182018

Identity : 3031

InterPro : ARID DNA-binding domain  (HLA-DOA) REKLES domain

Locus : 19p13.3

Long gene name : AT-rich interaction domain 3A

PubMed : Analysis of flanking sequences of IgH and Ig kappa V region genes show extensive heterogeneity in frequency and location of CDP binding sites and capability of CDP to bind to the nuclear matrix. Bright/ARID3a inhibition causes increased developmental plasticity in mouse and human cells. These data reveal new functions for ARID3a in early hematopoiesis and suggest that knowledge regarding ARID3a levels in HSPCs could be informative for applications requiring transplantation of those cells. identify regions within Bright that are required for the DNA binding activity of Bright and for its function as a transcription factor The ability of Bright to enhance immunoglobulin transcription critically requires functional Bruton's tyrosine kinase . Bright functions in a subset of Bruton's tyrosine kinase-dependent pathways in vivo, particularly those responses dominated by B1 B cells. these results place Bright/Arid3a on a select list of transcriptional regulators required to program both hematopoietic stem cell and lineage-specific differentiation. These data suggest a novel role for Bright in the normal development of mature B cell subsets and in autoantibody production identify the Arid3a transcription factor as a key target of Let-7, whose ectopic expression is sufficient to induce B-1 development in adult pro-B cells and whose silencing by knockdown blocks B-1 development in fetal pro-B cells. ARID3A is required for normal murine trophoblast development in vivo. The results reveal an essential, conserved function for ARID3A in mammalian placental development through regulation of both intrinsic and extrinsic developmental programs.

Pubmed identfication : 9722953

RefSeq identity : NM_005224

Synonyms : BRIGHT

Synonyms gene : DRIL1

Synonyms gene name : dead ringer-like 1 (Drosophila) AT rich interactive domain 3A (BRIGHT- like) AT rich interactive domain 3A (BRIGHT-like)

Tissue : lysate

Virus : lysate