Austrelaps superbus Long neurotoxin 2

Product name : Austrelaps superbus Long neurotoxin 2

Catalog number : GEN1145090.Mammalian Cell

Supplier : MBS Recombinant

Price : 1796 EUR

Size : 100ug

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Alternative name : Austrelaps superbus large neurotoxin 2

Alternative names : Alpha-elapitoxin-As2a; Alpha-elapitoxin-As2a; Long neurotoxin 2; LNTX-2

Entrez Gene : ribonuclease A family member 2

Expression system : Mammalian Cell

Gene :

Gene ontology - Biological process : neutrophil degranulation positive regulation of protein targeting to mitochondrion chemotaxis defense response to Gram-positive bacterium defense response to Gram-negative bacterium defense response to virus induction of bacterial agglutination RNA phosphodiester bond hydrolysis, endonucleolytic RNA phosphodiester bond hydrolysis RNA catabolic process

Gene ontology - Cellular component : extracellular region extracellular exosome azurophil granule lumen

Gene ontology - Molecular function : nucleic acid binding lipopolysaccharide binding endonuclease activity ribonuclease activity ribonuclease A activity

Gene target : Austrelaps   superbus   Long   neurotoxin   2  

General description : Long neurotoxin 2 is a recombinant protein expressed in Mammalian Cell . The protein can be with or without a His-Tag or other tag in accordance to customer's request. All of our recombinant proteins are manufactured in strictly controlled facilities and by using a well established technology which guarantees full batch-to-bact consistency and experiment reproducibility.

InterPro : Ribonuclease A, active site Pancreatic ribonuclease  (RNASE1) Ribonuclease A-domain  (PNLDC1)

Long gene name :

Long name : Recombinant Austrelaps superbus Long neurotoxin 2

Other gene names : Alpha-EPTX-As2a; LNTX-2

PubMed : EDN can activate myeloid DCs by triggering the Toll-like receptor (TLR)2-myeloid differentiation factor 88 signaling pathway Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator) In three continental population groups (Asia, Europe, Africa), the angiogenin and RNase 2 genes appear to exhibit markedly less genetic heterogeneity with regard to T195C and A238G (ANG) and C425A (RNASE2) SNPs. mRNA levels of eosinophil granule proteins, rather than sputum eosinophil%, may reflect airway hyperresponsiveness and airflow limitation. EDN and ECP are paralogs in human and Old World monkeys. Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator) Eosinophil protein X in urine from asymptomatic neonates is a biomarker significantly associated with later development of allergic sensitization, nasal eosinophilia, and eczema during the first 6 years of life findings show substantial amounts of EPX/EDN localise in an extra-granular, low equilibrium density compartment of eosinophils increased in feces after the ingestion of enterocolitis-causative foods Serum EDN level may be a useful marker for monitoring persistent airflow limitation in adult patients with asthma who had positive results for house-dust-specific IgE antibodies.

Short name : Austrelaps superbus Long neurotoxin 2