Burkholderia vietnamiensis GTP cyclohydrolase folE2 (folE2)

Product name : Burkholderia vietnamiensis GTP cyclohydrolase folE2 (folE2)

Catalog number : GEN1015243.E.coli

Supplier : MBS Recombinant

Price : 1790 EUR

Size : 1000ug

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Concept : Scope note: Radioimmunoassay of proteins using antibody coupled to an immunosorbent.

Entrez Gene : GTP cyclohydrolase I feedback regulator  (GCHFR)

Expression system : E. coli

Gene :

Gene ontology - Biological process : protein heterooligomerization protein complex assembly negative regulation of biosynthetic process negative regulation of GTP cyclohydrolase I activity

Gene ontology - Cellular component : nucleus cytoplasm melanosome nucleoplasm protein complex membrane dendrite nuclear membrane

Gene ontology - Molecular function : enzyme binding enzyme inhibitor activity GTP-dependent protein binding amino acid binding GTP cyclohydrolase binding

General description : GTP cyclohydrolase folE2 (folE2) is a recombinant protein expressed in E. coli. The protein can be with or without a His-Tag or other tag in accordance to customer's request. All of our recombinant proteins are manufactured in strictly controlled facilities and by using a well established technology which guarantees full batch-to-bact consistency and experiment reproducibility.

InterPro : GTP cyclohydrolase I, feedback regulatory protein  (GCHFR)

Long gene name :

Name : Radioimmunosorbent Test

PubMed : Studies provide a new mechanism for regulation of endothelial GTPCH-1 by its phosphorylation and interplay with GFRP. GTPCH expression is the primary regulator of BH4 levels, and changes in GTPCH or BH4 are not necessarily accompanied by changes in GFRP expression.

Qualifiers : adverse effects, classification, economics, history, instrumentation, methods, mortality, nursing, psychology, standards, trends, utilization, veterinary, statistics & numerical data, contraindications, ethics

Tree numbers : E05.478.566.380.830 E05.478.566.639.830 E05.601.470.380.830 E05.601.470.639.830