Burkholderia vietnamiensis Molybdenum cofactor biosynthesis protein C (moaC)

Product name : Burkholderia vietnamiensis Molybdenum cofactor biosynthesis protein C (moaC)

Catalog number : GEN1258527.Baculovirus

Supplier : MBS Recombinant

Price : 1531 EUR

Size : 100ug

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Concept : Scope note: An in vitro allergen radioimmunoassay in which allergens are coupled to an immunosorbent. The coupled allergens bind the IgE in the sera of patients which in turn binds radioisotope-labeled anti-IMMUNOGLOBULIN E antibodies.

Entrez Gene : molybdenum cofactor synthesis 1

Expression system : Baculovirus

Gene :

Gene ontology - Biological process : biological_process Mo-molybdopterin cofactor biosynthetic process molybdopterin cofactor biosynthetic process

Gene ontology - Cellular component : cellular_component molybdopterin synthase complex

Gene ontology - Molecular function : molecular_function metal ion binding 4 iron, 4 sulfur cluster binding GTP 3',8'-cyclase activity cyclic pyranopterin monophosphate synthase activity

General description : Molybdenum cofactor biosynthesis protein C(moaC) is a recombinant protein expressed in Baculovirus . The protein can be with or without a His-Tag or other tag in accordance to customer's request. All of our recombinant proteins are manufactured in strictly controlled facilities and by using a well established technology which guarantees full batch-to-bact consistency and experiment reproducibility.

InterPro : Aldolase-type TIM barrel  (TIMELESS) Radical SAM  (FGFR1) Elongator protein 3/MiaB/NifB MoaA/nifB/pqqE, iron-sulphur binding, conserved site Molybdenum cofactor biosynthesis protein A Molybdenum cofactor synthesis C-terminal

Long gene name :

Name : Radioallergosorbent Test

Qualifiers : adverse effects, classification, economics, history, instrumentation, methods, mortality, nursing, psychology, standards, trends, utilization, veterinary, statistics & numerical data, contraindications, ethics

Tree numbers : E01.370.225.812.735.830 E05.200.812.735.830 E05.478.566.380.810 E05.478.566.639.810 E05.478.594.760.830 E05.601.470.380.810 E05.601.470.639.810