Bacillus cereus Cysteine--tRNA ligase (cysS)

Product name : Bacillus cereus Cysteine--tRNA ligase (cysS)

Catalog number : GEN1021324.Yeast

Supplier : MBS Recombinant

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Size : 1000ug

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Concept : Scope note: A DNA amplification technique based upon the ligation of OLIGONUCLEOTIDE PROBES. The probes are designed to exactly match two adjacent sequences of a specific target DNA. The chain reaction is repeated in three steps in the presence of excess probe: (1) heat denaturation of double-stranded DNA, (2) annealing of probes to target DNA, and (3) joining of the probes by thermostable DNA ligase. After the reaction is repeated for 20-30 cycles the production of ligated probe is measured.

Entrez Gene : cystatin S  (CST4)

Gene :

Gene ontology - Biological process : response to hormone negative regulation of cell proliferation cell development response to wounding response to antibiotic response to axon injury negative regulation of peptidase activity cell killing response to protozoan response to chromate

Gene ontology - Cellular component : extracellular space secretory granule

Gene ontology - Molecular function : protease binding cysteine-type endopeptidase inhibitor activity

InterPro : Cystatin  (CST13P) Proteinase inhibitor I25, cystatin, conserved site Cystatin domain  (FSD1L)

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Name : Ligase Chain Reaction

Qualifiers : classification, economics, history, instrumentation, methods, standards, trends, utilization, veterinary, statistics & numerical data, ethics

Tree numbers : E05.393.620.311